Legs Mahoney
Vocals, Dancer

Legs was born into a rare and almost extinct bloodline; her parents were dancers back when Yugosalvia was thriving. It was during the worst of times however, that she realized, music and movement were within her. Her mother’s death; her country’s war; medical issues; her love of music and dance kept her sane through all the hardships of her youth in Eastern Europe.

Legs moved from country to country, continent to continent, dancing, training, learning….from ballet in theaters to house dancing in nightclubs and from river rafts with gypsies to ballrooms with socialites.

Legs met Jaymz Bee years before the concept of Bonzai Suzuki was born. When she heard of this new project she offered to be the official “dancer of the band” but in no time was adding lyrics and vocals as well. Her latest contribution are lyrics to a song called Meduza, written entirely in Serbian!

Ask? Legs Mahoney

Favorite Animal: Pig

Favourite Mineral: Marble

Favourite Natural Law: The Law of Rhythm

Favourite Dinosaur: Triceratops

Favourite Vegetable: Spicy Peppers

3 Favourite Artists: Ilic & Balkanika, Cirque Du Soleil Soundtracks, 1990’s Janet Jackson

Name a Guilty Pleasure: Pimple popping

3 Favourite Movies (that have nothing to do with each other): Underworld, Brotherhood of the Wolf, & The Pillow Book